Turkish glass manufacturer Park Cam will discuss its decarbonisation efforts at next month’s Glassman Europe conference.

The conference takes place in Istanbul, Turkey on February 8 and 9 and includes 18 presentations focused on the glass manufacturing process.

The company’s Deputy General Manager, Cetin Egri, will also provide a general overview of the Turkish container glass maker as well as Park Cam’s position within it.

Also included will be a general view of the park Cam facility, and its investments in Turkey as well as its sister company Ciner Glass’s investments in Europe and the UK.

Its decarbonization efforts include decreasing the weight of glass bottles, İncreasing its cullet percentage, the Ekomat Waste cullet management system, renewable energy as well as green hydrogen.

In the presentation he will explain what was gained by decreasing the weight of bottles, discuss the environmental and sustainable benefits of the Ekomat waste management as well as provide the current status of renewable energy sources such as green hydrogen investments in its glass production facility.

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