Pennine Industrial has opened a new test facility, named after its founder.

The new purpose-built facility will provide it with a dedicated building to run continuous long life trials under load, and with additional heat where required to simulate conditions that chains will experience when operating under hot glass.

The building (pictured) has been named after Pennine lndustrial's founder, Len Hobbs, who started the company in 1968. Sadly Len passed away in 1989 but his philosophy and forward thinking still carries on three generations later as the company heads towards its 50th year of trading.

The new building was recently opened and is in use.

A separate test rig within the new building allows high speed testing of general conveyor chains and power transmission.

The new facility will also house equipment to test individual components that can be subject to high impact load testing and, when required, Pennine can offer a pre-stretching service if a customer needs pre-stretched chains for more demanding applications.

The opening of the new building also co-insides with the launch of Pennine lndustrial's new 2 Pin Laser Welded HYPERDRIVE Conveyor chain.

The chain was developed exclusively for high speed conveyors when products need to be transported stably in difficult conditions, which includes the glass handling industry.

The new conveyor chains are now available to customers throughout the world either directly from Pennine in the UK or through its network of 22 agents and partners.

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