The UK’s Glass Technology Services is to host a one-day workshop that covers an introduction to glass and appropriate due diligence for those working with glass in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

The open workshop will provide guests with an introduction to the use of glass as primary pharmaceutical packaging – including how glass is made and processed, tubular and moulded glassware, quality control, common defects and failures and the importance of appropriate selection in terms of both specification and durability.

The workshop takes place in Sheffield, UK on Thursday 7 June, and is being held free of charge for organisations working within the pharmaceutical supply chain – suppliers, contract fillers, drug manufacturers and those in packaging, regulatory affairs and quality assurance roles.

Attendees will learn about key regulatory and quality assurance issues such as glass durability, delamination, elemental migration, pharmacopoeial verification and the differences between types I, II and III glasses, an understanding of the manufacture and processing of tubular and moulded pharmaceutical glass packaging.

Please visit for further details, agenda and to reserve a space at the workshop.