The Phoenix Award Committee named Mr Li Sheng Hua as the 50th recipient of the Phoenix Award and Glass Person of the Year 2022.

Li Shenhua founded Huaxing Glass in 1978. Under his leadership, Huaxing has grown from a small glass factory into the largest group producing container glass in China.

The group has an annual production capacity of over 3 million tons, or approximately 16% of the total output in the country.

The group has 13 factories across China; today, Huaxing has 34 glass furnaces and 167 production lines.

Mr Li served as Executive Chairman of China Daily Glass Association for several years.

Being the China daily glass industry leader, he has won the China Light Industry Meritorious Enterprise Prize for six consecutive years.

The Phoenix Award Committee (PAC) also selected Mr Li to receive this year’s Phoenix Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the glass industry and his leadership in pollution reduction in China.

According to the rules of the PAC, Mr Li will receive his award from Kevin Lievre, the PAC 2022 Chairperson, at the occasion of a future Banquet.

The Banquet and Award Ceremony will be conducted in China as soon as travel restrictions permit.

Environmental iniatives

Mr Li was among the first to respond to the call to reduce industrial pollution in China.

In 2007, he introduced a series of actions to transform Huaxing into having green and environment friendly production units in response to the country's promotion of energy-saving and emission reduction.

Through his efforts, Huaxing Glass was named the ‘Green Label Enterprise’ and received an environmental credit for the achievement. It also set the benchmark of environmental protection in Guangdong Province for advanced energy-saving and safety production enterprises.

In recent years, Mr Li has made remarkable achievements and continually invested large amounts into environmental protection.

Social Responsibility

With a strong sense of social responsibility, Mr Li’s success is based on the business philosophy that "demand is market oriented, and the customer is centric to change".

With this belief, he develops a harmonious relationship of co-operation among suppliers and customers. He is also well respected by his employees, suppliers and customers.

He has promoted the principle of quality and set up two national quality inspection centres in Central and Southern China.

This was to enhance the quality of the company’s products and effectively promote the rapid upgrading of product quality in the glass industry.

The company is also an active member of the China Quality Inspection Association.

In the areas of production and research, his company has been working with several organisations to carry out research and development co-operation.

The company also conducts its own independent research and development for testing, design, installation, commissioning, operation guidance and personnel training.