Pilkington has launched energiKare Advantage, a technology that achieves triple glazing performance with only two panes of glass.

Designed for applications requiring an optimised Ug value, the product combines hard coated Pilkington K Glass OW on surface 4 with Pilkington Optitherm S1 Plus on surface 2 to reach a remarkable U-value of just 0.9.

The Pilkington energiKare range makes the most of Pilkington K Glass OW. It can be incorporated in many applications, where either WERs or Ug values are a consideration, and is usually specified for its clarity as well as its environmental performance.

As an advanced form of the original Pilkington K Glass, it provides better light transmission and allows in more free heat from the sun to enable householders to reduce energy usage and save money on heating bills.

NSG Group is also widening the definition of units that can count as Pilkington energiKare to include the Pilkington Optitherm range as well as all of the Pilkington K Glass range.