Automotive glass manufacturer Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy has announced it will lay off 117 employees from its Laitila and Tampere units due to Covid-19.

Having started a six-week negotiation period in July, the decision was made due to Covid-19 affecting order backlog, competitiveness and personnel of the company. Efforts are being made to adjust production capacity to demand.

In Laitila, almost 50 employees are to be laid off, and a total of 67 employees will be laid off in the Tampere unit. A total of about 550 people were involved in the negotiations.

In addition to the confirmed layoffs, the remaining staff will be laid off for a maximum of 90 days and many employees will see changes in their work tasks and other working conditions.

Jussi Parkkali, CEO of Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy, said: “The overall business outlook is difficult due to the unpredictability of the market situation.

“The unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic are hampering our company’s business in a lasting way.

“In order to cope with the situation, the company's business is planned to be adjusted to secure results and competitiveness.”