Pilkington has resolved a dispute with Uniglass in relation to its UK registered design number 2090474 for Pilkington Texture Glass Contor patterned glass.

Without admitting liability for infringement, Uniglass has undertaken not to sell or offer for sale, or import into the United Kingdom, goods which infringe this registered right, including but not limited to their Uni-Tor product.

Furthermore, Uniglass has also agreed to withdraw from circulation and destroy all marketing literature in the UK that refers to such goods. References have already been removed from its website.

Additionally, Uniglass has agreed to pay Pilkington United Kingdom Limited a sum in damages and legal costs associated with this matter.

Andy McDowell, Commercial Director of Pilkington, commented: "This case highlights the importance we place on our brand equity… We take defence of both our products and our brand very seriously and will take action, as in this case, to ensure that customers and consumers receive the product they are expecting."