Pilkington has supplied its bird-safe glass, AviSafe, to the Mere Sands Wood nature reserve in West Lancashire, UK.

With 170 species of bird visiting the site, a bird-safe glazing for the reserve’s new visitor centre was of top priority.

Birds in flight are unable to use visual signals such as window frames to distinguish the location of the glass, resulting in collisions.

Pilkington’s AviSafe glass features a UV enhanced coating designed to be visible to birds, which greatly reduces the number of collisions.

For birds, the reflections become disrupted and the glass much more visible, warding them away from the structure and keeping them safe.

The new building’s glazing consists of insulating glass units made of 6 mm of AviSafe as the outer pane and an inner pane of 4 mm of Pilkington’s low-emissivity K Glass, providing protection for the birds as well as thermal insulation for the reserve’s visitors.