Bookings for this year's Furnace Solutions and Training Day is strong with many past delegates already re-registering for the two-day event.

The programme has been completed. The conference has attracted speakers from the UK, USA and Europe including contributions from Air Products, SORG, Luft- und Thermotechnik Bayreuth(LTB), Eurotherm Schneider and Flammatec.

The committee is also pleased to announce two experienced and respected glass producers: Peter West, from Ardagh Glass, and John Naughton, from Allied Glass, who will be passing on their experience on the Training Day.

Papers from FIC UK, Celsian, Flammatec, Stara Glass, Sefpro and Land Ametek will offer delegates their technics for controlling furnace performance, with Glass Service showing its vision for future glassmaking.

Suppliers and glass producers are again kindly supporting the event.

This year’s sponsors include, Eurotherm, Forglass, Land Ametek, PSR, Sefpro, DSF, Global Combustion, Guardian Industries, IMS, Calumite, Praxair, SIibelco, Tecoglass, Lizmontagens, Fives Stein, Saint Gobain, Sorg, Superglass, Fosbel and FIC.

Lucideon, in Stoke on Trent, UK will again host the conference on June 6 and 7.

For more details about the conference and to register please visit