Industria Vidriera de Coahuila (IVC’s) Piedras Negras plant in Mexico commissioned two Pneumofore UV100 Vacuum Pumps that have been running 24/7 since 2019.

Pneumofore designed a tailor-made vacuum system using the same communication protocols for the full integration with the remote monitoring and management system of the entire plant.

The local climatic circumstances in Mexico were taken into consideration, with the installation of these two air-cooled pumps.

The pump room daytime temperature in Piedras Negras reaches 42°C, thus oversized cooling systems were installed on the machines for the lubricant circuit and the electrical panel.

The installation comprised of two UV100 Vacuum Pumps and supplies a total capacity of 12.800 m3/h, with the adaptability to reach as low as 1.900 m3/h based on the production needs.

The vacuum level is set at 350 mbar(a), as required to run the hollow glass moulding process on the IS machines.

In just two days after the project was commissioned, a Pneumofore engineer verified the correct positioning and installation of the vacuum pumps, the connections to pipes and the electric system, as well as the remote communication channels.