Entegris subsidiary, Poco Graphite, is to expand its capacity to produce graphite material and speciality coatings for semiconductor and high-performance industrial applications by securing the use of the former small diameter graphite electrode factory of Superior Graphite in Russellville, Arkansas, USA.

As part of the agreement, Poco Graphite will have access to the assets of the facility, as well as the current workforce.

“Hi-tech industries are increasingly reliant upon continued innovation in advanced materials to enable their growth.

"As a result, organisations are looking to high-purity/high-performance materials that are specifically engineered for their applications to gain a competitive advantage,” stated Entegris Senior Vice President of Specialty Chemicals and Engineered Materials, Stuart Tison.

“We continue to invest in research, development, and production of high-performance materials, and we believe the facility in Russellville, owned by Superior Graphite, will help us to meet the growing demands of the high-performance materials market.”