The outstanding contributions of Chairman Cho Tak Wong of Fuyao Glass Industry Group to the international automotive glass industry were recognised at a specially arranged formal ceremony on 7th October 2016 in Dayton/Moraine, Ohio, USA.

Chairman Cho is the 46th winner of the prestigious Phoenix Award, presented annually by representatives of leading glass industry suppliers.

Ceremony attendees, many who travelled great distances to attend, included two past Phoenix Award recipients, Surasak Decharin and John McConnell.

As a symbol of the award, Chairman Cho was presented with a glass sculpture, representing the mythological phoenix bird.

Every year, The Phoenix Award Committee (PAC) selects a person who has been active in and has made significant contributions to any phase of the glass industry.

Accepting The Phoenix Award, Chairman Cho expressed his pride that his efforts had been recognised.

He thanked the assembled group for their applause and commented that he feels that the applause is encouragement to him to do even better in the future:

“A life worth living is one that helps society progress and sets up its people for success,” he commented with his ever-present philosophy of philanthropy.

Cho Tak Wong leads China’s largest exporter of automotive glass, with 11 advanced production centres strategically located throughout the country, as well as international subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Russia, Germany and Hong Kong.

“Chairman Cho is a truly worthy recipient, whose accomplishments of building up a world class construction and automotive glass manufacturer in Asia - and recently in the USA - are truly remarkable and outstanding” commented Dr Bernd-Holger Zippe, Chairman of The Phoenix Award Committee and Chairman of Zippe in Germany.

“In addition, he is a memorable personality, with a great sense of charity.”

Dr Zippe, who completed his term of office as PAC Chairman at the Dayton event, was honoured to have presented the award to Chairman Cho.

“These meetings are truly inspiring and interesting, bringing forward our common interest - the use of glass in today's world and in the future.”

His successor as PAC Chairman for the next 12 months is Paul Hutchinson, Sales and Marketing Director at UK-based DSF Refractories & Minerals.

“It was an honour to be part of the 2016 Phoenix Award Committee, recognising a very worthy and humble recipient in Chairman Cho and I look forward to leading the PAC as Chairperson in 2017,” Mr Hutchinson said.

Many Phoenix Award Committee members attended the grand opening of the Fuyao Glass America facility in Moraine.

On behalf of The Phoenix Award Committee, Dr Zippe congratulated Chairman Cho and Fuyao on their great accomplishments at the grand opening ceremony an invited speaker.