Professor Donald Bruce Dingwell is the winner of the 13th Otto Schott Research Award.

The Canadian experimental volcanologist has headed the Department of Mineralogy and Petrology at the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich since 2000 and is Director of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Dingwell received the award for his many years of research in the field of physical and chemical properties of volcanic glasses.

“His work on glass formation under extreme conditions like those that occur during volcanic activity provide us with valuable insights for use in industrial glass melting,” said Dr. Hans-Joachim Konz, Member of the Board of Management of Schott, during an award ceremony held at the DGG-ACerS event in Aachen, Germany this week.

Professor Dingwell’s research centres on the role of melts and glasses in geologic processes. He succeeded in documenting the central role that the glass transition plays in explosive volcanism.

This makes him a pioneer in the quantification of thermodynamic and transport properties of molten silicates of both simple and complex compositions.