Proximus and AGC have completed testing a new type of antenna for mobile networks, at the Proximus Tower in Brussels, Belgium.

The WAVEATTOCH glass antenna was designed for easy installation directly on glazed facades.

Once installed, the antenna helps improve the coverage and the capacity of mobile networks, including those using 5G technology.

The test results show that this solution could help address the growing demand for high-speed mobile internet access, especially in cities.

Proximus is launching a dedicated 5G platform where it will collaborate with various market players, such as AGC, to develop relevant solutions that address today’s societal and business needs.

Proximus will accelerate 5G rollout and guarantee both the stability and quality of mobile connectivity at a time when mobile data usage is growing sharply.

WAVEATTOCH was developed by AGC and integrates into building facades It also enables operators to accelerate deployment at low cost thanks to its ease of installation.

The new glass antenna is transparent and installed indoors (while delivering outdoor coverage) it blends in with the surrounding urban environment.