German decoration group PSL has opened a facility in Zeltingen-Rachtig in the Moselle Valley, Germany.

Technology within the site includes three fully automated UV printing lines and a spray coating line. Approximately 40 people are employed at the new facility.

The centre is located in the German wine-making region of the Moselle Valley, which means PSL is closer to its customers in the region as well as customers in France and Luxembourg.

The facility decorates German wine brands including Bree and Maybach, which are then filled in Bernkast-Kues located just 8km away.

Christian Schaab, PSL Managing Director, said: “With the latest environmentally friendly printing technology and shorter transport routes, we make a further contribution to sustainable, high-quality glass packaging.”

PSL’s main facility is located in Hehlen, Lower Saxony, Germany, close to O-I’s Holzminden and Rinteln facilities as well as Ardagh’s Obernkirchen and Nienburg sites and Noelle + von Campe's Boffzen glassworks.

In 2021 the company decorated approximately 150 million bottles at both locations together in total and works across several segments including wine, spirits, beer and food.

It offers services including organic spray coating, organic UV printing, foil stamping, digital printing, metallisation and pressure sensitive labelling.