Pyrotek has signed an agreement with DuPont for sales of DuPont Vespel parts to glass manufacturers in high-temperature glass ware handling applications.

The products are designed to improve glass contact part life, reduce damage to glass and lower production costs, through the properties of wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, reduced oil absorption and improved impact resistance.
“Pyrotek is pleased to add DuPont Vespel parts to its complete offering for the glass handling market,” said Tim March, Glass Global Business Unit Manager for Pyrotek. “Vespel parts provide a step change in plant reliability for the glass industry and deliver substantial cost and performance advantages over graphite and metals,” he added.
The Vespel range is characterised by SCP-5050 – a specially developed ware handling material that offers an alternative to graphite, offering the potential for reduced scrap and a longer lifespan.
The latest addition to the range is take-out inserts for the container glass industry. Meanwhile, in 2008 Pyrotek launched the PMC moulded composite material for sweep-out and transfer wheel applications.