Qixia Changyu Glass in Shandong Province, China has ordered a glass melting furnace and three forehearths from Sorg for its planned new production line.

An important factor for ordering the new Furnace 7 was the efficient design with regard to energy consumption, low emissions and glass quality requirements.

Qixia Changyu is the largest producer of wine bottles in China. It produces high quality packaging in various glass colours. Furnace 7 is planned to produce flint glass.

The furnace is a gas-heated end-fired furnace with melting booster and the melting capacity is 350 tpd. The glass conditioning system consists of a Sorg STW working end and three Sorg 340S forehearths.

As well as the design and engineering package Sorg will supply the complete equipment, including the gas and electric heating system, combustion air supply and waste gas system, batch charger type EME-NEND S3, measuring and control system, forehearth equipment and the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System.

The new Sorg fixed transformer system will be supplied for the melting booster. All forehearths are equipped with the Sorg OMT (Oxygen Measuring and Trim) System.

Contract signing participants (from left to right): Mr. Jianting Sui, Director of glass melting in Changyu; Mr. Min Ma, Purchasing Director of Changyu; Mr. Pengcheng Zhu, President of Changyu; Dr. Hartmut Hegeler, Sales & Marketing Director at Sorg; Mr. James Yu, President of NineSun; Mr. Harald Zenker, Sales Director Asia; Mr. Tony Zhang, Sales at Sorg; Mr. Christian Raebiger, Sorg Technology Department.