The 80th Conference on Glass Problems (GPC) in Columbus, Ohio, USA proved to be a success with a record 570 attendees during the two-day event.

The event was held at the Greater Columbus Convention Centre on 29th – 30th October, with the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (GMIC) holding a Glass Sustainability symposium on 31st October.

Bob Lipetz, Conference Director and Executive Director of GMIC said that the conference aimed to create a platform for the dissemination of glass manufacturing innovation and was a meeting place where glass manufacturing professionals can exchange ideas.

He said: “The Conference on Glass Problems was a great success in meeting those objectives this year. The conference has continued to grow, and this year saw a record breaking attendance.“

Feedback from attendees was positive saying the conference content provided a mix of technical papers and problem solutions along with high-level talks.

The opening plenary session included a talk by Chandra Mangalagiri, Vice President of Engineering at Libbey on the challenges facing glass manufacturing and calling for greater collaboration.

That was followed by a talk from Dr Ludovic Valette, Vice President, Global R&D of O-I calling for more innovation in glass packaging manufacturing.

The first day’s lectures ended with talk from Erik Muijsenberg, Vice President of Glass Service, which laid out the imperative of the glassmaking industry to address global sustainability and what technologies could meet the challenge.

Jim Uhlik, Vice President of Technical Services at Toledo Engineering Company, provided a case study on how his company helped solve a customer’s problems with bubbles in its glass.

The GMIC symposium on Sustainability in Glass Manufacturing also had record-breaking attendance, with 78 delegates.

It provided attendees with an opportunity to look strongly into an important topic for now and for future generations.

The 81st Conference on Glass Problems will be held from 26th-29th October 2020 in Columbus.

Abstracts are being accepted and work has begun organising the GMIC symposium on The Future of Glass Manufacturing.

Pictured: Erik Muijsenberg, Vice President of Glass Service finished off day one with a presentation about sustainability in the glass industry