Glass recyclers Recresco has completed a deal with Peel Ports to purchase the Ellesmere Port site in Cheshire, UK, which the company has occupied on a lease basis for the past 12 years.

The multimillion-pound deal comes alongside a number of other significant investments recently made by the company.

The purchase secures Recresco’s long term future on the site while allowing the company to develop its operations further and opening employment opportunities at the Cheshire location.

Recresco, is headquartered in Nottingham operates an additional site at Cwmbran, South Wales. The Ellesmere Port site is its largest facility, covering approximately 12 acres.

Tim Gent, Director at Recresco said: “This purchase marks an exciting period of development for Recresco as we work toward our long term future, investing in market leading glass sorting technology to drive advanced glass recycling, improving our facilities and opening up employment opportunities in the area.

“We have occupied the site at Ellesmere Port since 2008 and find the location and facilities provide the perfect backdrop for our recycling activities.

“The site is ideally placed to serve Recresco being far removed from any housing with strong infrastructure in place to support our business including rail links, a supply of natural gas and the connection to the Greater Manchester Ship Canal.

“This means we can move glass in and out of the plant with minimum disruption to residents and without reliance on road transport which could risk overwhelming the local regional road network.

“By purchasing this land, we now have the opportunity to meet our long-term growth goals, develop our business further and make full use of the opportunities this excellent site offers in terms of location and transport links.

“We remain fully committed to a lasting future at Ellesmere Port and this purchase serves to secure our place there.”