Saint-Gobain SEFPRO has developed a refractory solution for manufacturers of extra-white glass.

Due to the special properties of this type of glass, it has high thermal conductivity which, combined with a low iron content, can increase refractory corrosion during fusion. This, in turn, can have damaging consequences for glassmakers, in terms of lower furnace lifetime, the risk of tank leakage or even potential defects in the glass.

In response to this problem, Saint-Gobain SEFPRO, one of the world’s leading suppliers of refracory products, designed a solution to reinforce corrosion resistance, ensure a good seal between blocks and limit bubble formation at the glass-refractory interface.

The AZS material, named ER 2010 RIC, has the potential to significantly improve the quality of glass, according to its manufacturer. It also passed industrial tests successfully, the France-based supplier reports.