Revimac reconditioned crucial glass manufacturing equipment at Verallia’s Cognac, France plant during a furnace rebuild last year.

Revimac has a long relationship with Verallia’s French and Italian factories. Its service crew was deployed at the Cognac plant to recondition components such as feeders, forming mechanisms and ware handling equipment while other upgrades were also successfully carried out

During the first period at the glass factory, the crew removed from the equipment all the mechanisms and parts subject to maintenance.

This was shipped to Revimac’s plant in Italy where everything was fully disassembled to be steam cleaned, inspected, machined, serviced and eventually tested until the full reconditioning was complete.

To complete the operation, the Revimac crew returned to Cognac, where the re-installation of the mechanisms took place alongside a substantial electronic maintenance and modernisation of many devices to comply with safety rules.

The assignment was completed during the pandemic and faced the hurdle of lockdown rules, which sometimes changed on a weekly basis.