Russian glass container producer Ruscam has standardised on the Heye Rotor Mechanism, equipping every feeder channel on all production lines with the technology.

Ruscam is part of the Sisecam Group and produces approximately one million tonnes of glass packaging annually from five manufacturing plants in Russia.

The rotating movement of rotor segments within the Heye Rotor Mechanism provides homogeneity of the glass mass and optimal weight consistency.

The servo-driven design guarantees reliable functionality, a long lifetime and is suitable for mounting on various feeder types.

Via a rotating movement of the toothed ring, three paddles provide a stirring movement in the glass mass to keep it homogenous.

Variable speeds and a change of rotation direction are possible, together with manual height adjustment. The motion of the servo motor is controlled by Heye Simotion Servodrive.

Mechanisms have been fitted to production lines at the five Russian plants.

“We standardised the Heye Rotor Mechanism in all our glassworks, as this mechanism is an excellent solution with regard to weight consistency and homogeneity”, says Ruscam’s Forming Department.