The trade company Triton in Moscow, Russia will invest $1 million to upgrade a pattern glass line at Belarusian glass manufacturer Grodno Glassworks.

The agreement between the two companies was signed in the Belarusian Architecture and Construction Ministry on 7th March.

Yuri Skripko, Grodno Glassworks’ Director, said: “We are going to make an improved-quality pattern glass.”

“Triton will buy half of the output for making shower booths in Russia.”

“The contract allows the Russian company to consequently buy $9 million worth of glass.”

“We are going to sell the rest at home and abroad.”

“This glass is not only used for making shower booths but for making furniture, industrial glass panes and greenhouses.”

Oleg Kornoukhov, Glass Projects Supervisor at Triton, explained that the investment would help the company to increase its shower booth production by approximately one third.

Anatoly Cherny, Belarusian Architecture and Construction Minister, said: “Today the pattern glass line is not used.”

“It has no future.”

“This project has given the pattern glass line a new lease of life.”

“Apart from shipments to the Russian Federation, the glass of the upgraded line will be used to close the domestic market against imports.”

Triton’s cooperation with Grodno Glassworks will not be limited to investments. Both companies will be expected to share the best practices for improving glass treatment technologies.

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