Speciality glass manufacturer Schott has inaugurated its new borosilicate glass tubing factory in Jinyun, China, built in just 15 months.

The production went into operation end of 2020, manufacturing the base material to produce e.g. vials and syringes for Covid-19 vaccines.

With an initial capacity of 20,000 tonnes of glass and room for further expansion, the plant is functioning as a production and supply hub in the region.

Schott has invested €60 million in the new plant as part of a US $1 billion investment to expand its global pharmaceutical business.

Despite the pandemic, a team of German and Chinese experts completed the construction of the factory in record-breaking “China speed” of just 15 months.

Dr. Frank Heinricht, Chairman of the Management Board of Schott said: “Of course, our glass stands at the very beginning of an ambitious value chain.

“But it´s one piece of the bigger picture: Turning the vision of “Healthy China 2030” into reality.

“We’re very proud that it also marks the first time that SCHOTT is melting glass in China.”

Dr. Patrick Markschläger, Executive Vice President of Schott’s Business Unit Tubing added: “As the most modern tubing production site worldwide, it is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.

“Through our local glass production, we enable a faster and improved supply chain that will subsequently help to improve packaging quality.”