Schott Pharma broke ground on a production hub for prefillable glass syringes at its site in Lukácsháza, Hungary.

The double-digit million euro investment is supported by funding from the local government.

The capacity increase is scheduled for completion in 2024 and designed to create 120 new jobs.

Andreas Reisse, CEO at Schott Pharma, said: “With this move, we are staying one step ahead in providing high-value solutions to store biologics, vaccines and the latest generation of mRNA-based medications.”

The production hub is Schott Pharma’s second for glass prefillable syringes (PFS).

It will feature fully automated manufacturing processes, cutting-edge machinery, as well as an advanced camera-controlled inspection system.

The PFS offer a stable, long-term storage solution for drugs, as well as a safe and convenient delivery system for patients and clinicians.

Christian Helbig, Vice President for Prefillable Glass Syringes at Schott Pharma, said: “With our PFS system, we are eliminating almost all drug injection preparation steps and thereby reducing the risk of medical errors and contaminations.

"This plays a vital role in the safety of health care professionals and patients.”