Schott’s ultra-thin glass (UTG) has enabled a lighter and stronger foldable phone from Xiaomi, a leading Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

Schott's UTG, Xensation Flex, is present on the Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 foldable phone's display, which debuted in China on August 11.

The glass can reach a bending radius below 1mm after processing.

Schott has been mass-producing UTG for over 30 years and is the major supplier in the foldable smartphone market.

Schott’s UTG product line is present in several mobile devices on the market today including Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, among others.

Dr Feng, Head of Global Product Management of UTG, said: “Our customers believe in our expertise in UTG development and production. We are proud to enable the future of foldable phones with ultra-thin glass.”

In June 2022, a foldable phone with Schott UTG successfully bent over 300,000 times and set a new world record.