Schott Minifab, a subsidiary of Schott, will open a new manufacturing facility in Arizona, US to serve the diagnostics market.

The manufacturer of life science consumables will also offer enhanced services to the market.

The new unified service offering now includes best-in-class high density array printing following Schott’s acquisition of Applied Microarrays Inc (AMI) in October 2021.

The facility will open this fall in Phoenix, Arizona, offering diagnostic and life sciences companies an end-to-end solution to design, develop, manufacture, and scale-up their consumable devices.

Greg Wolters, CEO of Schott Minifab, said: “The facility will play an important role in our unique service offerings and provides companies a partner to advance the manufacturing of consumable devices, empowering patients and providers to get diagnoses quicker and more accurately.

“Rather than managing dozens of suppliers, companies can partner with Schott Minifab to handle the complete lifecycle of product development under one roof so they can focus their efforts on innovation and reduce the total cost of goods.”

The purpose-built facility further enhances Schott Minifab’s service offerings and significantly increases Schott’s manufacturing capabilities in the United States to serve its global customer base.