The Schott technology group is set to invest around €300 million in the next three years in the expansion of its glass tubing core business.

The tubing is the starting material for pharmaceutical packaging as well as pharmaceutical packaging made of glass and polymer.

Production capacities will be significantly increased in Europe and Asia in particular. “

Chairman of the Board of Management, Dr. Frank Heinricht, said: “Today, we produce pharmaceutical glass tubing that is converted into approximately 25 billion pharmaceutical packages, such as vials, syringes, ampoules, or cartridges, produced by Schott and other suppliers around the world.

“Due to the strong demand for our products, we intend to further expand our leading position. We are now sending a signal that we are strengthening our presence in Asia,” he said.

The company will build a new plant in Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province, China which is scheduled to start production in 2020 and serve the Chinese market.

The investments in the coming years for this plant will amount to a three-digit million amount. Schott has more than 900 employees at several locations in China and will create 300 new jobs by opening this plant.

It will also invest €20 million at its pharmaceutical glass plant in Jambusar, Gujarat, India. It will construct a new melting tank, new hall, energy supply and warehouse.

The investment also involves the creation of around 70 new jobs. 380 people in total will be employed at the plant. The melting tank is scheduled to begin operation in early 2020.