The vivo S12 Pro will be the world’s first smartphone to feature the ultra-strong Schott ‘Xensation α’ (Alpha) cover glass.

In 2021, speciality glass manufacturer Schott released its chemically strengthened lithium alumino borosilicate (LABS) glass known as Xensation α, which is melted at the company’s plant in Jena, Germany.

The cover glass is the latest to be launched by Schott, offering improved drop and scratch resistance; Xensation α can survive drops without breaking from up to twice the maximum height compared to LAS cover glass.

Schott and vivo’s partnership spans over several years, with the two companies having a successful history of smartphone collaborations. ‘Xensation Up’ has previously been featured on high-end vivo models including the vivo X70 series, the X60 Pro series, the NEX series and S9 series.

Schott’s latest innovation for fordable smartphones is the mass-produced, flexible and chemically strengthened ultra-thin glass (UTG) known as ‘Xensation Flex’. This enables premium smartphones with flexible screens, making it a key supplier for foldable Samsung products such as the ‘Galaxy Z Flip’.