French glassmaker SGD has introduced the latest version of its Infinite Glass, which is composed of 90% recycled materials.

The first version of Infinite Glass, launched in 2008, was composed of 100% recycled household glass.

The 2015 version is composed of 65% factory cullet, 25% recycled post consumer glass and 10% virgin mineral raw material (sand, sodium, limestone).

The Infinite Glass Neo thus contains 90% recycled materials, and no longer has the slight green tint of the initial version.

“We only use white post-consumer recycled glass that we buy from a recycling scheme sorting the different types of glass,” explains Gaëlle Verjus, International Marketing Manager Perfumery & Cosmetics at SGD.

The result is an extra-white glass that meets the demanding transparency and brilliance aesthetic requirements of beauty products makers.

SGD estimates that per 1 million 200g glass bottles made from Infinite Glass carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by approximately 13%, power consumption is reduced by approximately 13%, and there is a reduction of 34 tonnes of sand consumption and 1.7 tonnes of limestone consumption.

The Infinite Glass Neo can be decorated in the same way as a conventional glass, and can therefore be adapted to the values and codes of each brand.