The Belgian mineral giant Sibelco has taken over the Italian glass recycler Macoglass.

The price of the transaction is unknown. Macoglass processes around 210,000 tons of broken glass on an area of 50,000 m² annually. The company has been in the hands of the Coti Zelati family for three generations.

Sibelco said the acquisition of would complement its presence in the Venice area and improve its ability to partner with domestic customers to support future growth.

Pieterjan Goedertier, Vice President of Recycling at Sibelco, said: “Our customers face substantial challenges to secure secondary raw materials in the Italian market.

The acquisition of Macoglass will allow us to address these challenges and to become a partner in our customers’ growth journey.”

Sibelco is a Belgian-based sand and minerals specialist. The Antwerp group has a turnover of €3.5 billion with a gross operating profit (EBITDA) of €651 million.

In addition to fractionating sand for the extraction of oil and gas, Sibelco supplies sand and all kinds of minerals for the production of solar panels, glass from smartphones, ceramic tiles, paint, glue, toothpaste and plasma TVs.