Sisecam has started negotiations with Germany’s P-D Group to build a glass fibre manufacturing plant in Turkey.

The negotiations aim to create a partnership that will strengthen the position of both companies and to create a synergy through sharing expertise and resources.

Potential joint business will aim to create value to customers by providing them with products and expanded manufacturing, distribution and service capabilities.

Sisecam is a manufacturer that works in several production sectors such as flat glass, tableware, glass packaging and glass fibre as well as soda ash and chromium chemicals.

It carries out its production activities in 13 countries with 44 plants and a workforce of more than 21,000 people. It exports to 150 countries, which constitute half of its total sales.

In global terms, it is the third largest manufacturer of glassware, the fourth largest producer of glass packaging and the fifth largest producer of flat glass.

It is the world’s largest supplier of sodium dichromate and basic chromium sulfate, as well as Europe’s fourth largest soda ash producer.

Its affiliate, Cam Elyaf San is the sole manufacturer of glass fibre in Turkey. Its glass fiber reinforcements have been used in applications such as advanced moulding and compounding techniques throughout the world for more than four decades.

Cam Elyaf serves sectors including wind turbine blades, interior/exterior parts of automotive, engineering plastics, marine, industrial applications and construction.

P-D FibreGlass is a German-based producer that manufactures fibre glass products, from yarns and rovings to woven rovings, mats, multiaxials and coated fabrics.

The group operates nine production sites in Europe, Asia and North America.