Sisecam has become the sole shareholder of Sisecam Cevre Sistemleri.

The company was founded by Sisecam and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in 2016.

Sisecam Cevre Sistemleri has supported the institutionalisation of Türkiye's glass waste collection and recycling industry over the past seven years.

Sisecam became the sole shareholder of the company by exercising the option to purchase EBRD's 10% stake in Sisecam Cevre Sistemleri.

Founded under a partnership between Sisecam and EBRD, Sisecam Cevre Sistemleri has supported industry players on the way to institutionalisation by focusing on ecosystem financing.

The joint venture company aimed to establish modern facilities that can produce higher quality cullet.

Sisecam Cevre Sistemleri. has mediated glass recycling companies in Türkiye to invest in infrastructure and establish modern facilities.

Sisecam also played an active and pioneering role in the production of quality cullet by establishing its own licensed facility.

Sisecam has conducted glass recycling activities and realized major circular economy projects for many years.

These various efforts are aligned with Sisecam's concrete goals under its CareforNext Sustainability Strategy.

Sisecam aims to boost the rate of external glass cullet used in its glass packaging production to 35% by 2030.

In the energy-intensive glass industry, energy consumption can be lowered by using cullet, which reduces the need for natural raw materials.

The use of cullet from recycling waste glass reduces carbon emissions caused by a bottle throughout its entire life cycle by more than 50%, depending on the rate of the cullet used.