Sisecam’s Chairman and Executive Member of the Board, Cavaliere Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kirman has been elected the Glass Person of the Year 2023 by the Phoenix Award Committee.

The award honours those who have made an outstanding contribution to the glass industry.

Prof. Dr. Kirman, who is also an Executive Member of the Board, said: “Glass is a miraculous material that has no substitute. With a history of 5000 years, glass has always been the most valuable material for civilizations. From this perspective serving the glass industry is a great way of serving humanity.

"It is the most sustainable solution for mitigating risks, and it promises a brighter future.

"I am very honoured to be awarded one of the most prestigious awards of the glass industry.”

Phoenix Award Committee Chairman, Lincoln Brown, explained that it is the purpose of the Phoenix Award Committee to select, each year, a person now living, who has been active in and has made significant and major contributions to the glass industry.

This may be in the field of science, production or education relating to glass, and shall include glass containers, fiber glass, scientific glass, flat glass, tableware, art glass and electronic glass.

Mr Brown also said Prof. Dr. Kirman had been elected for his relentless engagement not only for Sisecam but also for the International Committee of Glass (ICG) together with Prof. Alicia Duran, another strong contributor for the “International Year of Glass 2022” by the United Nations.

In early April, Mr Brown personally visited the Sisecam headquarters to announce that Prof. Dr. Kirman had been unanimously elected by the Phoenix Award Committee to be the Glass Person of the Year 2023.

Prof. Dr. Kirman thanked Committee Chairman Brown for coming and Dr. Diane Nicklas, who takes care of the organisation of this ceremony. The award-giving ceremony will take place in Italy on 29 September 2023.

The Phoenix Award Committee has been awarding outstanding personalities in the glass industry since 1971.