Şişecam plans to invest in Basalia Technology, a groundbreaking solution in the green and circular economy space and a significant Turkish innovation in bioeconomics.

This decision marks Şişecam's first-ever investment in biotechnology.

Şişecam has signed a memorandum of understanding to found a global joint venture with 7CBasalia, the owner of Basalia Technology which was developed to make the world more sustainable.

With the investment in this technology that is developed for turning all types of waste into harmless materials, Şişecam and 7CBasalia will support R&D efforts in this emerging field.

Şişecam considers this technology as a game-changing solution. Successful results were recorded in initial testing following a pilot project in Şişecam’s facilities.

As a result, Şişecam will support dissemination of Basalia Technology across all its international platforms worldwide.

This investment will mark the first-ever biotechnology investment of Şişecam, which operates in nine business lines across Turkey.

7CBasalia, founded in Turkey in 2020, holds patents for Basalia Technology, a groundbreaking solution that features a system inherently different from conventional technologies.

The system is designed to stop wastes from being an environmental problem by turning them into eco-friendly value-added products.

Contamination of the natural environment by wastewater is currently one of the biggest problems facing the world today.

However, Basalia Technology turns wastewater into distilled water. As a result of this process, wastewater is recovered as a resource that can be reused.

The revolutionary system also serves as a critical solution to the solid waste problem. First, solid waste that is combined with organic waste is rendered harmless.

Then, the system generates hydrogen – an eco-friendly source of energy. 7CBasalia works in cooperation with international organizations on issues related to climate change, the environment, and sustainability to deliver solutions for companies that face waste-related problems.

In addition, 7CBasalia partners with city and national governments to create Green City solutions.