Şişecam has launched Şişecam Solar Control Low-E Glass Neutral 50/33.

The Turkish-headquartered glass manufacturer said the glass creates comfortable living areas by providing optimum light transmittance, efficient solar and heat control.

Şişecam Solar Control Low-E Glass Neutral 50/33, provides solutions for projects such as residences, schools and small/medium sized commercial buildings where optimum daylight transmittance, neutral appearance and efficient solar control are necessary.

Thanks to its efficient solar control and thermal insulation properties, Şişecam Solar Control Low-E Glass Neutral 50/33 reduces heat loss by 50% compared to ordinary IGU.

Therefore, effective heat insulation in winter is provided and heating expenses are reduced.

It also decreases solar energy transmission by 45% compared to ordinary IGU. Therefore, it keeps cooler in summer and cooling expenses are reduced.

In addition to energy savings, it creates comfortable living spaces by providing optimum light transmittance with its transparency.

Also in winter cold spots and in summer hot spots by windows are eliminated and heat inside the room is radiated equally.

Neutral 50/33 provides extremely high levels of protection against UV radiation over 70%, therefore helps to reduce fading and ageing effects.

Neutral 50/33 has also the same colour and performance in temperable form which can be used in the same project.