Şişecam has successfully completed the largest merger ever registered in the Turkish capital markets.

The opening bell rang for Şişecam on the Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange) rang yesterday.

Şişecam Vice Chairman and CEO Prof. Ahmet Kırman said that Şişecam simplified its legal entity and shareholding structure and consolidated all its activities under one entity to further enhance its global competitive position.

Kırman stated that the merger was a historic milestone in Şişecam's long-term strategies and competitive goals in global markets: “We have completed the largest merger of the Turkish capital markets with exemplary success.

"Şişecam has become the industrial enterprise with the highest free float rate in Turkey – 49%.”

“Currently, our only company trading on Borsa Istanbul is Şişecam. A single share with an increased free float ratio and transaction depth, now more attractive to investors, is traded on the stock exchange.

"We are also highly pleased that Şişecam is included in the MSCI Global Standard Index on October 1, 2020. We expect that Şişecam will be part of other major indices in the period ahead.

"We also firmly believe that Şişecam will attract significant attention from international funds and investors, and create higher share value,” Kırman said.

Şişecam is entering a new era, soaring to new heights, Kırman underlined.

Şişecam is becoming more integrated, digitalized, and optimized. The company is poised to achieve higher levels of operational excellence.

He continued: “We will be a pioneer in the global market with our product and solution offerings. In the period to come, our focus is on value-added innovative products and developing a technology-based structure, as we soar to new heights.

"In the post-pandemic world of ‘new normal,’ Şişecam will rapidly respond to evolving demands and needs in the market."