Şişecam Trakya Glass Bulgaria EAD, a company belonging to the Şişecam Group, has recently installed a P2 (PowerPlate) coating system from Isra Vision.

P2 (PowerPlate) Coating Systems help ensure that every glass plate/plane production achieves the highest possible efficiency.

The automated 100% quality inspection is said to lead to reduced operating costs and high product quality - the perfect formula for success, a quick return on investment and clear competitive advantages.

The objective was to completely do away with optical inspection if possible, while at the same time improving precision and reliability.

The P2 (PowerPlate) Coating was developed specifically to meet the demands in the optical inspection of coated glass panes.

Thanks to the combination of different camera angles, multispectral imaging, and complex evaluation algorithms, the solution recognises 100% of defects.

The production facilities of Şişecam Trakya Glass Bulgaria EAD now features the new P2 (PowerPlate) Coating alongside 5D FLOATSCAN systems, FLOATSCAN-Hotgauge systems, and other camera-based inspection systems from Isra Vision.

To further optimise production processes in the future, the two companies want to continue their collaboration.

Hasan Ismail, Production Manager at Şişecam Trakya Glass Bulgaria EAD said: “We are planning to use the data from the inspection system even more effectively and determine correlations between production parameters and inspection results, for instance.

To achieve that, we are placing our trust in the experts from Isra vision.”