A new glass product that lets sunlight into a building, but prevents midday heat from penetrating, has been launched in the UK.

Solarlux microsolar, a product developed by Glas Wagener, uses micro lamella layers of transparent steel to allow sunlight – but not heat – to enter or leave the building.

The steel layers are positioned so that they reflect sunlight from high angles (during the middle of the day, when it is hottest) but allow sunlight to pass through the window at low angles, in the morning or late afternoon.

The technology is aimed at reducing the need for air conditioning and has the potential to cut energy bills.

Dave Wyatt, Head of UK operations at Glas Wagener said: “In other types of solar control glass, such as exterior shading and glass which uses an adhesive film in the glazing, the sunlight is blocked in the winter months when it’s most needed.”

The product has already been used in buildings across Europe: At the Naestved Swimming Stadium in Denmark, heat inflow in summer and heat loss in winter was reduced by 60%.