Solvay plans to resume construction of its 600 kt soda ash capacity expansion in 1 Green River, WY, USA.

Production is expected to start at the end of 2024 to meet customers’ needs for a secure source of supply.

In addition, a project to deploy a new technology to reduce emissions originating from Trona mining operations will be implemented, leading to a 20% reduction of the site’s greenhouse gas emissions.

This innovation will make Solvay the first company to implement regenerative thermal oxidation technology to abate emissions in a trona mine.

“I am also particularly proud of the role that our innovation is playing to cut greenhouse gas emissions at our Green River facility in the US – where CO2 emissions currently have no cost – contrary to Europe,” said Ilham Kadri, Solvay CEO.

“This attractive investment expands our supply of trona-based soda ash and will position the business for superior and responsible growth into the future.”

The investments total around $200 million and complement the previous investment that secured sole ownership of the natural soda ash operation.

The facility, operated solely by Solvay since May 2022, produces soda ash and sodium bicarbonate from trona, a naturally occurring mineral to serve markets such as flat glass for building insulation, container glass, detergents as well as fast growing markets including solar panels and lithium carbonate for electric vehicles.