Nikolaus Sorg has delivered the world’s first Clean Melter to Ardagh Glass Packaging-Europe at its glass facility in Obernkirchen, Germany.

Last week, Ardagh Glass Packaging-Europe (AGP-E) invited Nikolaus Sorg to the unveiling of its NextGen furnace at its glass facility in Obernkirchen.

Supplied by Nikolaus Sorg, the furnace is the first operational Clean Melter to be launched.

The hybrid furnace marks a significant step forward in sustainable melting for larger tonnages and a wider range of glass.

The Clean Melter started out as a conventional furnace, powered by 20% renewable electricity and 80% gas.

Now it is progressing through a planned start-up sequence that will ultimately result in a ratio of 80% renewable electricity and 20% gas.

Nikolaus Sorg Research & Development Manager, Dirk Schnurpfeil, said: “The Clean Melter is the result of a combination of Sorg Group’s extensive experience in furnace design and meticulous mathematical modelling by our in‑house experts.”

Sorg Group Managing Partner, Alexander Sorg, said: “We’re delighted with the initial performance of the Clean Melter. To see the first amber bottles coming off the line has been a proud moment, and we’re looking forward to more customers making the switch to sustainably powered glass melting.”

Sorg Group Managing Partner, Michael Sorg, added: “Our unrivalled knowledge of electric and hybrid melting supports our vision of leading the glass industry into greater sustainability. With the Clean Melter, we now have the technology in place to make that vision a reality.”