Oxy-fuel combustion technology supplier Air Products has signed a contract with South Korean glassmaker Techpack Solutions.

It is Air Products’ third project to support the glassmaker to convert its furnace from air-fuel to oxy-fuel.

When the project comes onstream, Air Products will supply the oxygen and combustion systems required by Teckpack Solutions at its manufacturing complex.

The integrated solution encompasses Air Products’ oxy-fuel combustion system, including Cleanfire HR oxy-fuel burners and an automatic flow control skid, as well as a PRISM vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) oxygen generator to supply on-site oxygen, used to power the oxy-fuel burners for melting glass.

According to Air Products, the Cleanfire HRx oxy-fuel burner enables glass manufacturers to control both the magnitude and location of oxygen staging up to 95% of the combustion oxygen.

This results in ultra-low nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions, higher fuel efficiency, enhanced productivity, and better product quality.

This latest model can further reduce NOx emissions by 40%.

Young-Min Kim, technical team general manager of Techpack Solutions, said: “With Air Products’ support, we have successfully converted two furnaces from air-fuel to oxy-fuel combustion and achieved remarkable improvements in NOx emission reductions, energy efficiency and productivity.”

“We are confident in Air Products’ innovative technologies, in-depth expertise and professional team, and are pleased to continue working with them on our third furnace.”