Italian engineering company Stara Glass has appointed a new Managing Director.

Mr. Valerio Percoco joins the glass industry from a diversified background, both in terms of regions and sectors; he blends the technical awareness of a mechanical engineer with the managerial knowledge of a MBA.

Valerio kicked off his career in SAIPEM in the late 1990s and thereafter moved into the Food, Trading, High-Tech and Communications industry.

During the last ten years Valerio worked for the Oil and Gas industry in the UK where he covered directorship roles in listed companies.

Stara Glass is recognised as an excellence in its sector and has an unparalleled opportunity to grow in the Italian region and abroad.

These two elements alongside the agile size and slender organisation are very attractive to a manager like Valerio who intimately believes in human relationships and in the empowerment of his team.

During his extensive career in larger companies, Valerio has acquired hands-on experience in re-engineering processes, reorganizing companies, building teams and enhancing human capital.

Stara Glass said it would benefit from his knowledge of corporate governance and long term sustainable strategies.