Steklarna Hrastnik organised an innovation day for its partners recently.

In addition to exchanging knowledge and experience with international partners, the most recent Innovation Day was dedicated to selecting new bottles for the Steklarna Hrastnik HighGlass collection.

Participating were Nude, a UK creative agency; the Polish company DekorGlass, a leader in the field of decoration; Vinolok, a producer of stoppers; Estal and Vetroelite, distribution companies; Rica Consulting & Design, a French consulting company; and Badel1862, a Croatian spirits manufacturer.

Steklarna Hrastnik recognises that glass packaging plays an important part when it comes to consumer buying decisions in the super premium segment.

The company is producing the most technically demanding bottles in super premium quality, as well as seeking further ways to expand the range of products and services available to customers.

"The standard bottles of super premium quality in our HighGlass collection reflect the latest design trends.

"Since we are looking not just to maintain our position on the market, but also to co-create trends, we have organised Innovation Days, events dedicated to finding new opportunities in the glass industry, sharing knowledge and searching for innovative solutions that we can implement and use to shape new trends, thus placing ourselves and our partners ahead of the competition," said Andrej Božič, General Director of Steklarna Hrastnik.

A result of the most recent Innovation Day, a new bottle fits the current global trend known as craft. According to Nude, a UK creative agency, craft is the prevailing trend in the drinks industry.

This is particularly due to the numerous small, independent distilleries that communicate different values to buyers than large, established brands.

Their values, such as honesty and simplicity, also need to be communicated by the packaging, which is often the buyer's first point of contact with the product.

The new bottles, aimed particularly at the gin segment, will appeal not just to smaller producers, but also to international, established brands looking to communicate their achievements in this segment.