Slovenian premium glass packaging manufacturer Steklarna Hrastnik inaugurated its new oxy-fueled G furnace last week.

The Hrastnik-located manufacturer hosted a digital event that was filmed and broadcast on YouTube.

The G furnace is an oxygen-fueled oven with a capacity of 120 tonnes per day. Construction work started on it in August last year and took 88 days to build.

A total of 300 people were involved in the project, which included 450 tonnes of steel structure and 610 tonnes of fireproof materials.

The new furnace has technology which allows it to convert to hydrogen technology in future years.

Peter Cas, Steklarna Hrastnik’s CEO, said the majority of last year’s investment cycle of €22.7 million was focused on the new furnace. It was the largest investment cycle by the company in 15 years, he added.

The new furnace will help transition the company towards a low carbon factory he added. Further investments are planned in the next five years which will allow the group to achieve the environmental objectives of the EU.

Steklarna Hrastnik is a provider of glass spirits, perfumery and cosmetics in extra white flint. Te group operates two furnaces with a capacity of 265 tonnes per day, feeding eight IS machines in single and double gob.