Slovenian glass manufacturer Steklarna Hrastnik will provide a presentation at the forthcoming Hydrogen in Glass conference.

Its CEO Peter Cas (below) and researcher Tilen Sever will present a paper titled Glass Production Decarbonisation using utilising Hydrogen.

The paper will present a project for optimisation of energy conversion to replace the share of fossil fuels used for industrial glass melting with hydrogen.

The project introduced renewable energy sources (use of solar cells), the production and storage of green hydrogen gas, and the partial addition of the latter to the natural gas feed to make a further first step towards renewability.

A system prototype demonstration in operational environment included the full fuel ramping from the non-renewable natural gas to hydrogen, simultaneously considering the flexibility of operation, the quality of product and the profitability of manufacturing.

The Hydrogen in Glass is a two-day digital conference consisting of speakers including Shell, Air Liquide, Linde, Nippon Gases, Glass Service, Sorg, and Celsian/DNV who will each discuss the potential use of hydrogen in glass manufacturing.

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