Stölzle has replaced its amber furnace with a new furnace at its Koflach, Austria plant.

It has also started to use regenerative heating technology instead of recuperative power.

The company said that this year’s investment of €18 million is an indication of its intention to improve its environmental footprint.

The key benefit has been a 50% reduction in the amount of electricity used to heat the furnace and also 20% in gas. The adoption of the technology has resulted in a reduction in CO2 emissions by 4500 tons per year.

The last brick was placed on top of the furnace by Dr. Cornelius Grupp, owner of Stölzle Glass Group, at a celebration ceremony.

Dr Grupp said: “Stölzle has always been an Austrian-based group with international production sites. For me it is very important that the Austrian headquarters maintains a strong position in the business.”