Glass manufacturers can grow their business in a sustainable manner thanks to support from the financial sector.

In a conference presentation next week the IFC, as part of the World Bank Group, will outline how it can provide capital and advisory services to glass manufacturers to help them strengthen sustainability.

Speakers Lilian Tu, Global Sector Lead, IFC, and Marek Stek, Senior Industry Specialist, MAS Global, IFC, will discuss how investments are financing the adoption of technologies to reduce emissions and energy use, increased use of recycled glass in production, and development of more sustainable products, among others.

The Renewable Glass Manufacturing Conference takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday next week (November 9 and 10). The IFC presentation is held at 14:05 on Tuesday and will be available to view On Demand for 30 days after the event.

The conference includes 16 speakers from a variety of sectors of the glass manufacturing industry.

These include technology suppliers such as Electroglass, Messer and C-Capture, as well as manufacturers including Wiegand-Glas and Encirc.