A close cooperation led to the successful integration of a Novaxion swab robot on Bucher Emhart Glass’s AIS machine at Vetropack’s Kremsmunster, Austria glass plant.

The Novaxion swab robot is installed on an existing AIS machine with FlexIS controls and swabs the blank moulds and neck-rings.

By using the auto swab cycle in the FlexIS controls the swab robot provides ‘swab on the fly’ with respect to the blank moulds.

The successful installation was made possible by the cooperation between glass manufacturer Vetropack, Bucher Emhart Glass and swab robot supplier Novaxion.

By installing a swab robot Vetropack will gain time for the operators to use the process sensor systems for trimming the process to improve the reliability of the production process as well as the product quality.

Bucher Emhart Glass can supply glass forming machines with integrated swab robot from its factories in Sweden and Malaysia.

The swab robot is fully integrated with the FlexIS control. For retrofit installation there is an interface connection box to be mounted in the cabinets for each section.

The supply of integrated swab robot with the forming machines is part of Bucher Emhart Glass’s strategy to provide automation solutions to its customers for increased profitability.