Syrian container glassmaker Modern Company for Glass Industries (MCGI) has invested in a new furnace and equipment.

The 145-ton furnace is due for commissioning at the end of April and will increase the glassmaker’s capacity to 255 tons per day.

The investment also includes two new complete production lines, palletizing solutions and latest technology inspection machines to enhance the plant’s production facility.

Syrian conflict

The glassmaker is located in the Hasyaa Industrial Zone near the city of Homs, Syria. The glassmaker continuously produced glass despite the horrific conflict in the country in previous years.

MCGI chairman Mr.Aiman Raslan said the glassmaker never stopped production despite the conflict.

“Not once did we consider stopping production. It has been very tough, particularly about three or four years ago, but we are all very passionate about our glassmaking.”

Opportunities in the region

Mr Raslan said that the investment will see MCGI reduce its production costs.

He believes the expansion will also allow the company to meet its clients’ high demands and keep them happy with prices and quality of glass packaging containers with various volumes in green, amber and transparent colour.

Its products include olive oil & beverage bottles, food jars and medicine bottles.

Syria and consequently MCGI has a strategic location allowing it to export final products to its clients easily and smoothly.

MCGI’s clients are located in the Middle East, North Africa, Southern European countries and the Gulf Region.

Mr Raslan believes that the company will continue to be a regional leader in glass packaging especially now that the border between Syria and Jordan has recently reopened.